Action 13: What happens over the course of state's takeover of Houston ISD?

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Friday, March 24, 2023
What does TEA control of HISD mean? Action 13 answers your questions
Many questions remain unanswered as community members, parents, and activists have met twice with the TEA in two intense meetings that have yet to reach a resolution.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It's now been more than a week since the Texas Education Agency announced plans to take over the Houston Independent School District.

Since then, community meetings have devolved into screaming and a string of unanswered calls from the TEA.

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And that means many need to get their questions answered about what the takeover means for students and parents.

The Action 13 team has received dozens of questions from viewers concerning how this will occur.

On Wednesday, a meeting at Chavez High School quickly became chaotic.

It was supposed to be informational, but TEA Deputy Commissioner Alejandro Delgado led the meeting for just a few minutes before the crowd took over.

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Delgado never answered any formal questions, as a mix of activists and concerned citizens used bullhorns to voice their frustrations.

They were frustrated at the noticeable absence of TEA Commissioner Mike Morath, the person in charge of single-handedly appointing the board of managers overseeing HISD.

The TEA did not disclose to Eyewitness News why he hasn't been there, or if he will be at the next scheduled meetings.

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Let's get to some of your questions:

Question: How many years of classroom experience are required to qualify as a member of the Board of Managers?

Answer: Zero.

The TEA has said the board of managers will be made up of Houstonians with a variety of experiences. The position is unpaid, but in terms of qualifications, you only need to pass a background check.

Question: Will current HISD employees have to reapply for their jobs?

Answer: No. The takeover applies to the school board, so it does not impact staffing at specific schools.

But the state officials can always decide to shut down schools or make staffing changes in the future.

Question: How long will the TEA be in charge?

Answer: There's no way to know that right now, but Morath has confirmed that past takeovers have lasted between two and six years.

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