HPD sergeant jumps into action after witnessing man firing shots on Highway 288

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Wednesday, June 15, 2022
HPD sergeant says he witnessed man firing shots on Highway 288
A heavy law enforcement presence was seen in the area of Highway 288 near Cleburne Wednesday after reports a man was firing a gun on the freeway.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The scene unfolding on the northbound lanes of Highway 288 on Wednesday morning may have looked like a typical Houston traffic accident, but a Houston police officer, Sgt. Robert Gonzales, has never encountered anything like it.

"I was just northbound at the HOV lane at 288," Gonzales said. "I saw the man on the left shoulder exit his vehicle. As soon as he exited his vehicle, he started to discharge his gun across the vehicle to the other side of the freeway."

The 29-year HPD veteran was literally driving to work when he saw the driver of the gray Malibu shooting across the freeway.

As the sergeant maneuvered to pull over the driver, another vehicle, a black Buick, pulled up. The men told Gonzales that there was a third person, somewhere in the nearby neighborhood, who had stolen their car.

"It may be a stolen vehicle call. We're not quite sure," Gonzales said.

SWAT officers dispatched to the area did not find a third suspect or another gun. What officers on 288 found was one gun, and a situation that could have become much more serious had an innocent driver been hit.

"That's definitely a first for me," the sergeant said. "I've been on a while, and I never seen anybody discharge a firearm across a freeway. Luckily, I don't believe any citizens were hit."

Gonzales urges everyone who may have had a car stolen to not take it into your own hands, call 911. HPD detained the two men, but so far, it's unclear if any charges have been filed.

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