Retired Baytown officer hospitalized after confronting intruder caught on camera barging into home

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Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Video shows burglar kick door down before retired cop confronts him
An eyewitness said both the retired officer and the burglar later got into it in the middle of the Highland neighborhood before shots were fired, and the former lawman started bleeding.

HIGHLANDS, Texas (KTRK) -- A 64-year-old retired Baytown police officer confronted a burglary suspect in his neighborhood, leading to a shootout on the side of a busy road in Highlands, according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

It all started Tuesday morning when a suspect was caught on surveillance camera barging through the backdoor of a home in the Highland Crossing neighborhood.

Patches Mohhamad lives there and said she was luckily not home when the intruder entered.

"I almost passed out," Mohhamad said. "I'll tell you the truth. It's like looking at a movie. I can't believe this man is standing in my kitchen. In my living room."

Mohammad believes the suspect got spooked by the alarm and left just minutes after kicking down the back door.

Surveillance footage captures the suspect walking off and wandering the neighborhood. Shortly after, the retired officer who lives on the same street spotted him.

The retired officer was in a white Chevy Suburban and followed the suspect, who was on foot. A confrontation ensued and quickly escalated into a shootout between the two on East Wallisville Road and Thompson, according to deputies.

An eyewitness who spoke to ABC13, but wanted to stay anonymous for his safety, saw it all unfold while driving by.

"I was going home, and I saw these guys rolling around, holding each other's shirt, and I said, 'Man, that didn't look right,'" he said. "So I reached down to grab my phone to call 911 and heard three gunshots."

One of the bullets came just inches from where he was sitting and through his red truck. While terrified, he said he got out, helped the wounded retired officer who was holding down the suspect, and explained what happened.

"The guy had a gun, and I picked it up and put it in my truck and saved it for when police got there," he said.

The eyewitness said it looked like a bullet either hit or grazed the retired officer's ear.

"He was pouring blood, so I got into my truck, got paper towels, and gave it to him," he said. "There was so much blood."

Both the retired officer and the suspect are in the hospital. Knowing how this ended, Mohammad said she couldn't help but play out different scenarios and is thankful she and her family are safe.

"What if we were here? What if I was home or someone else was here by themselves? I don't know what would have happened," she said.

ABC13 spoke to the family of the retired officer, who said he is doing fine and expected to make a full recovery. His daughter said it is typical for him to look after his neighborhood and keep an eye on what's going on.

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