How to get that picture-perfect #nofilter selfie in real life

From perfect skin to that youthful glow, smartphone apps have made it easier to achieve that supermodel look. But what if you could look like your smooth filtered selfie in real life? The answer may be found at some beauty spas here in town.

They're the apps that have become a part of our culture: Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. With every click and potential for likes, we're yearning more than ever to take that picture-perfect selfie (with a little help from trick photography, of course).

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Vitenas says he's seen an increase over the past 5 years of clients coming in asking for that youthful look.

"Women want to holy grail of a smooth complexion," Dr. Vitenas said. "The way people look and present themselves on social media is tremendously important to them. And these morphing programs that are in apps now allow that."

Filters included in apps like Instagram and Snapchat have changed the selfie game, allowing users to edit out their flaws.

"It's really bad to me whenever I take a selfie and a picture and my acne, scars and my pores look so large," Tania Gonzales told us.

She was no stranger to those filters.

"Making it smoother. Making my pores looks so much smaller. And making it brighter," Gonzales explained how she used filters in the past.

But that changed after two treatments of the Fraxel laser earlier this year. Now her selfies are seen in a whole new light.

"I am extremely happy with the results. I'm actually not using filters that much anymore," Gonzales said.

Dr. Vitenas says the Fraxel procedure can significantly improve the skin's appearance by erasing sun damage, dark spots, even fine lines and wrinkles. After treatment, some redness, swelling, dry or itchy skin can occur, and usually subsides over the first week or so.

"And it's become very very popular, and it does a remarkable job at changing the skin complexion and tone," Dr. Vitenas said.

Popular indeed, for clients like Katie Shak.

"I spend a lot of time outside. And because of that, I've had a lot of sun damage," Shak said.

She says she's taken her share of selfies, and the occasional filter doesn't hurt.

"Oh hey, don't worry about that. Let me go ahead and touch that up for you," Shack explained.

While admitting she doesn't filter her pictures as much, she says she understands why many use them.

Shak said "Yeah, everyone can see what I can look like. But at the same time, people feel the pressure to have that look."

She's hoping the Fraxel procedure will repair the majority of sun damage she's incurred over the years, and improve her overall look.

"I mean, who doesn't want flawless skin, right?" Shak told us.

Each Fraxel treatment runs about a thousand dollars, and the full results are seen approximately 4 to 6 months after the final procedure.
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