Give yourself a boost with these DIY breast Lift Exercises

Before you decide to go under the knife and spend thousands of dollars on a mommy makeover, you can try some exercises to perk up your chest. has four recommendations on how to give yourself a lift.

First, try the Superman pose by lying face down with your arms and legs fully extended and hold for one second, then lower down and repeat.

The "Superman pose" helps with posture, pulling your shoulders back.

Next, try the lying dumbbell triceps extension by lying face up with your knees bent. Take a five to eight-pound dumbbell in each hand and then, extend your arms straight up and down.

The third exercise is the stiff-leg deadlift. Stand with your feet and shoulders wide apart.

Hold a five-pound dumbbell in each hand, then dip down and back up. Try 15 of these to see results.

Finally, there's what's called the back-row.

You will need a suspension trainer. Grab a handle in each hand and then lean back onto your heels so that your body forms a 45-degree angle. Slowly pull yourself up until your elbows are at the side of your torso.

While the chest lift may not happen overnight, experts say these exercises can help you reach your goal.
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