Raw cookie dough shop now open in NYC

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017
Raw cookie dough shop now open in NYC
Lauren Glassberg has the latest details.

MANHATTAN, NY -- New York City's self-proclaimed first ever cookie dough scoop shop is now open in Greenwich Village. Yes, they sell RAW COOKIE DOUGH!

"There is something nostalgic about it. I grew up in the kitchen besides my mom, and cookie dough was one of those things that I'd sneak from the bowl," Kristen Tomlan, 28, said.

Tomlan took her love of raw dough and her branding experience to create DO, where all day they make batches upon batches of dough. And it's dough you can eat!

How do you eat it? Just like ice cream -- by the scoop.

There are more than a dozen flavors daily, like cheeky commando or heavenly, with Nutella, caramel and chocolate chips.

There's even one with peanut butter and marshmallow called Fluffernutter.

The most popular is chocolate chip.

And get this -- what you don't eat, you can bake. They even sell actual cookies, brookies and fudge all made with that dough.

DO is located at 550 LaGuardia Place in Greenwich Village. Click here to check out the store's website.