$4k diamond from wedding ring could be baked into cookie sold from Kansas shop

Wednesday, April 10, 2024
Baker loses $4k diamond from wedding ring in cookie dough
The baker says she must have lost it while making cookie dough.

KANSAS -- Be careful before you take a bite out of these cookies!

A Kansas bakery says there may be a $4,000 diamond in their baked goods.

Dawn Monroe from "Sis Sweets Cookies and Café" has lost the center stone from her wedding ring. That diamond was picked out by her husband nearly 40 years ago.

Monroe says somewhere between rolling dough and making cookies recently, she lost her beloved diamond.

The bakery has narrowed the search to either chocolate chip, sugar, or peanut butter cookies. They're warning customers to check what they're biting into.

Monroe says there will be a lot of free cookies for anyone who finds her diamond and returns it.