Grandma continues to help 5-year-old through virtual learning

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Friday, December 11, 2020
Grandma back in pre-school to help grandson with virtual learning
Go Grandma, go Grandma! This grandmother is being praised for continuing to help her five-year-old grandson overcome the challenges that come with technology and online learning.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- This grandma is still chipping away at virtual learning as she continues to step up by helping her grandson.

A few months ago, Melba Brooks took to social media to praise her mother and mother in-law for offering to lend a hand with her son, Aaron, and his new schooling regimen.

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Nothing like a Grandmother's love. Watch these grandmothers adapt to new learning norms to ensure their grandson doesn't have to skip a year of school.

Due to COVID-19 restricting students from in-person learning, parents were forced to quickly develop plans on how they would educate their children from home.

Many were frantic and left without the resources and guidance they would normally have during a typical school year.

That's when Aaron's grandma, Najiyyah, decided she would buckle down and help him move onto the next grade.

Melba said her mother in-law has adapted very well and has even overcome the challenge of learning new technology.

She even said there was a day where Aaron's teacher couldn't lead class due to technological difficulties, and his grandma was able to instruct the kids for a day.

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