The must-see spot in Houston that happens to be a cemetery

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Thursday, October 29, 2020
Glenwood Cemetery: "A park that happens to have people buried in it"
Take a tour of Glenwood Cemetery, which is also a 5 star rated park and tourist destination.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Glenwood Cemetery, located at 2525 Washington Avenue, has grown exponentially since its formation in 1871.

Originally known as Houston Cemetery Company, Glenwood Cemetery has become more than a burial ground.

"We're an 88-acre park that happens to have people buried in it," said executive director Richard Ambrus.

Glenwood Cemetery serves as the final resting place for Howard Hughes, Gene Tierney, Denton Cooley, Bob McNair, and other notable Houstonians. It also serves as a refuge for individuals looking to explore nature, search for solitude, or work on a variety of creative endeavors.

The cemetery is a popular spot for people looking to walk, picnic, take photos, and more.

"A lot of that has to do with the peace and serenity we advocate here," said Ambrus.

Ambrus says they expect Glenwood to have room for burials for at least the next 60 years, and pricing can range from $8500 to more than $50 thousand, depending on location.

"We have a lake that overlooks the City of Houston," explained Ambrus. "That's one of our more expensive areas."

Glenwood also hopes to break ground on a new welcoming center in the coming months, which is being funded through the Glenwood Cemetery Foundation. The space will provide a place to gather following funerals, in addition to a library and education center.