How George Floyd's friends & neighbors in Third Ward are mourning

HOUSTON, TX (KTRK) -- Fifteen miles from the public viewing of George Floyd's body, another kind of viewing was happening.

People gathered in the Third Ward, the neighborhood that knew Floyd best.

"We feel like ain't nobody else going to be there for us, so family is all we got, so we just try to stick together," explained Third Ward resident Treyvion Thomas.

It would be easy to say Floyd's death has brought the community together.

But, the truth is, they've always had to stick together.

Death isn't new here, and neither is violence.

"We want people to understand that we are really hurt and we just want y'all to come together and feel our pain," explained Third Ward resident Elaine Jones.

Some residents skipped the viewing due to transportation issues. Others were concerned about COVID19/heat problems. Still others chose to miss the viewing because they wanted to spend the day with those who knew Floyd best.

Crowds in the Third Ward grew throughout the afternoon.

"We're also angry. And we're also hurting," explained Senior HPD officer Rachelle Justice. "It's not easy for law enforcement, and it's not easy for the community."

She says police officers aren't just there to provide security. They're also there to build communities.

"Mr. Floyd's death was actually very horrific and was an injustice and it tarnished the law enforcement community, so it kind of messed up our relationship with the community," Justice explained. "We're just trying to mend that bridge and let the community know that we're here and we care.
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