Blue wave hits Fort Bend County, but will it continue beyond 2020?

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Thursday, November 5, 2020
Statistics show Fort Bend County demographics have shifted
The picture remains clear: Fort Bend is an evolving county that experts are curious to see how it votes.

RICHMOND, Texas (KTRK) -- Fort Bend County continues to see a blue wave in elections, but political experts ponder if it'll last beyond 2020.

Democratic candidates enjoyed a clean sweep in Fort Bend County in 2020 countywide races. Soon, the county judge, sheriff, district, and county attorney will be Democrats. It's a move Judge KP George didn't think was possible a few years ago.

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"I think the immigrant community, or minorities, are more identifying with Democrats," George said.

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Statistics show Fort Bend County demographics have shifted. According to latest Census numbers, the Asian population has grown, but Rice University political science professor Mark Jones said there's a clearer answer on why Republicans are struggling in Fort Bend County.

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Fort Bend County made more history after a record turnout in the 2020 election. In the video, meet the county's newly elected, first Black sheriff.

"[Pres.] Donald Trump's electoral victory in 2016 and presence in the White House for four years has alienated many Indian Americans and other Asian Americans who are regular Republican voters in the area, and also many Anglo Republican voters," Jones explained.

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Six years ago, U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, a Republican, won by nearly 20 points. This year, he lost Fort Bend County by 5 percentage points, which is a 25-point swing. George acknowledges Trump may have jump-started his party's support.

"I can agree with that statement to begin with because that's when Donald Trump was on the ticket, and Fort Bend County started voting on the Democratic side, but that's not the case now," he said.

George said over the past four years, Democrats have reached minority communities and have educated them on county positions. He believes this will keep Fort Bend County blue for years to come.

However, not everyone is convinced.

Political experts said if Trump loses the election, it might help Republicans in Fort Bend County.

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"Were Donald Trump not President of the United States, [Texas's 22nd congressional district] would not be in play in 2020," Jones said.

The picture remains clear: Fort Bend County is an evolving county that experts are curious to see how it votes in the next election.

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