Enlisting food trucks into crime fighting plan

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Thursday, July 24, 2014
How food truck operators can help fight crime
The sheriff's office has a plan to help add eyes and ears to their crime fighting team

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- No question about it, food trucks are becoming an integral part of the Houston area.

That's why the Harris County Sheriff's Office is hoping to involve the trucks in crime fighting.

"They may be in a area that is a high crime area. They may be in an area where drug trafficking may be occurring," said Sgt. Jacqueline Fortune. "In 2010 in Times Square, there was a mobile food vendor that was the sights and ears for the city of New York and saved thousands of lives by just noticing that a vehicle did not fit."

The idea is also to involve truck operators in their own safety.

"Some of our mobile food vendors do operate until the wee hours of the morning and people have the misconception that they have cash on them all the time," Sgt. Fortune said. "One of the things we want them to be aware of is they need frequent money drops and also have proper locks for their vehicles."

HCSO is offering free two hour training classes for all mobile vendors. Go to www.iwatchharriscounty.com for more information.