More trucks coming to pick up Houston's flood debris

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- About 126,000 homes around Houston have piles of debris at the end of their driveways after Harvey.

Those piles, though, should be on the way out of the area thanks in part to help come from out of town.

Beginning today, crews from Austin are joining personnel from San Antonio to take part in heavy-duty debris hauling efforts. In all, about 150 trash trucks will take on 8 million cubic yards of debris.

While the help is coming, residents are eagerly asking when those piles are getting picked up.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner says there's a plan in which each neighborhood will be looked at specifically based on need. There's no timeline for the pickups other than the desire of doing as fast as possible.

"Losing a tree is one thing. Losing a lifetime of memories is another. So this is very emotional, as the mayor has indicated," said Harry Hayes, director of Houston Solid Waste. "We're very mindful of that. We're moving at speeds that we need to move at to provide relief."

As a reminder, folks must separate trash into six different piles:

  • Regular garbage: food, packaging, paper, which can go in regular trash bins and garbage bags

  • Building materials and furniture: drywall, carpeting and mattresses

  • Hazardous waste: batteries, paint and cleaning supplies

  • Big appliances: refrigerators, washers and dryers

  • Yard waste: leaves and branches

  • Electronics: computers and televisions

Mayor Turner said there are still a lot of elderly people who need help organizing the piles. If you can help, the city wants to hear from you. Just dial 311.

In addition, if you have a big truck and equipment to help with debris removal, head to the city's website and sign up to be a contractor.

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