Hottest toys of the holiday season meet their toughest critics -- Kids

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- With so many toys on the market, how do you know which ones kids really want?

We got the list of this year's hottest toys and put a few of them to the test with the pros who know best: kids!

We chose three toys, Fingerlings Hugs, Pomsies and Scruff-A-Luvs from Toy Insider's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for testers Max, Kaitlyn, and Elizabeth.

Three-year-old Elizabeth was immediately drawn to the Pomsie. You can press the toy's nose, wrap it around your wrist and it even vibrates.

Kaitlyn got started testing out the Scruff-A-Luvs, which comes out of the box as a matted up ball. You have to bathe it, dry it and brush it to bring it to life as a fluffy stuffed animal.

"Help me guys, help," said 5-year-old Kaitlyn.

She asked for help, but the others weren't interested.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth has already moved on to the Fingerlings Hugs. The cheapest price was $24 at Walmart. We saw Pomsies for $14 at and the Scruff-A-Luvs for $17 on Amazon.

Now here's what the kids had to say about all three toys.

When it came to the Scruff-A-Luvs, 5-year-old Max said, "I liked it so much I wanted to take it home."

"I liked his heart brush and you get to do it. It's so cool," Kaitlyn added.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, wasn't into it. "I didn't play with it," she said.

However, Elizabeth was a fan of the Pomsie. "I played with this one. I loved it," she said.

"It's so cute and you get to push its nose and it's super, super fluffy," Kaitlyn said.

Max passed on Pomsie. "I did not like it. It didn't look very cute and I don't like things put around my neck like that," he said.

Finally, they gave the results on the Fingerlings Hugs, which is a new twist on last year's fingerling craze.

The kids liked that it could jump and even laughs.

"You can even pet it and the eyes close to take a nap," said one of the kids.

The overall winner with three thumbs up from these kid testers was the Fingerlings Hugs. The girls say they like it better than the original because it's soft and fluffy.

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The results are in! Kids are loving these toys the most right now.

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