Keep kids refreshed with these DIY summer snacks

This summer, you can help keep your kids entertained with some cool and refreshing snacks. Houston Mom's Blog contributor Christine Nguyen has three DIY snacks that are fun for the kiddos.

First up, try making yogurt drops. Grab your favorite yogurt, put it in a bag and have the kids pipe out little dots, big or small.

"It's the perfect snack for when they are playing outside in the hot Houston heat. They come in and have something refreshing and healthy to eat," Nguyen said.

Add sprinkles or chocolate chips and freeze for 20 minutes.

For a sweet treat, make a berry trifle. Cut a pre-bought pound cake from the freezer section into slices. Using a cookie cutter, allow the kids to punch out different shapes.

Top it with jam, whipped cream and fresh berries.

Finally, create a snack station.

Kids eat healthier if they eat smaller snacks more often during the day rather than three big meals.

A snack station can be stocked with bottled water or juice and different finger foods.
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