Beat the heat! DIY summer crafts to do with kids indoors

Hot summer days ahead mean finding ways to keep kids entertained indoors.

Houston Moms Blog has three DIY summer crafts to do at home.

First, you can make napkin flowers. All you'll need is a paper napkin and food coloring.

With your napkin folded hamburger style, cut it all the way from one corner to the other.

Then take your food coloring and using re-purposed medicine droppers, add a colorful design to your napkin.

Wait for it to dry.

"It takes a few minutes if you put it out in the sun. Take a pipe, add it to a flower and put it into a jar," said Vicky Yip, a contributor to Houston Moms Blog.

The next craft is making your own gameboard by re-purposing fidget spinners.

For this, you'll also need construction paper, markers and a game piece like a toy car.

Just attach an arrow to the fidget spinner.

Allow your kiddos to get creative with their gameboards and then try them out once they're done.

The third craft is painting paper.

Just grab some water based paints, old toy cars and some construction paper.

Add dots of paint to your paper.

Yip suggests rolling the toy cars over the paper and later making them into planes.
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