Energy experts confident power will stay on through summer despite ERCOT's warning

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- On Wednesday, ERCOT tweeted saying there are tight grid conditions, but they're not asking people to conserve energy like they did on Tuesday.

The warning sparked customers' concerns triggered by February's power outages across the state. Fortunately, ERCOT didn't issue an energy emergency that day.

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"What we saw [Tuesday] was a function of having higher demand for this time of year, at the same doing maintenance on power plants and transmission lines, getting ready for the peak summer season," said Jesson Bradshaw, the CEO of Energy Ogre.

He doesn't believe what happened is a sign of things to come this summer.

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"What happened [Tuesday] doesn't mean there isn't any predictive value for what's coming this summer," he said.

Months after the loss of his parents due to February's winter storm, Ben Cooks III got emotional learning ERCOT asked customers, once again, to conserve energy. It brought back some tough memories for him.

"We're still dealing with it, day by day, we lost our parents," said Cooks talking about his parents Benjamin Jr. and Virginia.

Although Bradshaw doesn't believe there will be issues like those in February going into the summer months, he understands people's concerns.

"Because of February, everyone's sensitivities and awareness have been heightened," he said.

ABC13 reached out to ERCOT and the governor's office Wednesday for a request for comment but has not yet heard back.

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