ERCOT says power conservation request 'has ended without the need for an energy emergency'

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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
ERCOT says call for power conservation now over
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A few hours after ERCOT asked Texans to conserve power to avoid an "energy emergency," the group says the request is now over.

Texas' power grid operator ERCOT, which has come under fire over its handling of the historic winter storm in mid-February, says an urgent request for energy conservation on Tuesday is now over.

"Our energy conservation appeal has ended without the need for an energy emergency. Thank you for conserving energy when it was needed," the grid operator tweeted at 8:40 p.m.

"Declaring an emergency would allow us to access additional resources," ERCOT explained.

As for the conservation, it urged consumers and businesses to reduce their electricity use this afternoon and into this evening.

During an evening media call with ERCOT officials, they were asked if Texans should expect this to happen again. ERCOT said it's certainly possible.

The agency reminded reporters that this isn't the same situation as was February's winter storm and said it was just a precautionary event that would "tighten conditions for a few hours."


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