'Divine intervention': Long lost sisters, reunite after taking online DNA test

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Elia Macha, 21, and Joi Clements, 22, took an online DNA test to learn more about their heritage and found they had a sister.

Elia Macha from Spring, Texas, just graduated from the Cizik School of Nursing at UTHealth Houston and is now celebrating on Saturday with her newly found sister sitting at the table.

"I kind of knew that there was a possibility that I could find a sister just because we were adopted due to the one-child policy in China," Macha said, "but we mainly did it for health reasons just to see since I don't know my biological family."

The two sisters were born in China just one year apart. Records revealed that both Macha and Clements were in the same orphanage at one point for a couple of months. According to Clements, they were both adopted by single parents in the United States.

An online DNA test kit through 23andMe would later reunite the sisters.

Joy Clements said she had previously taken two different online DNA tests. Still, the two were not linked until Macha took a 23andMe test in December of 2019, intending to learn more about her medical history and background. By January of 2020, she received an email that she had a sister, now named Joy Clements.

"We're so blessed that our story turned out so great," Macha said. "Around adoption, there is sort of mixed feelings sometimes. And so I think just taking it for whatever it is, whatever comes of it, but if you want to know more, there are definitely resources out there to do that, and we're so lucky our situation turned out so wonderful."

Clements and Macha met in person when Clements flew into the Houston area in May 2021.

"This couldn't have happened without God," Clements said. "It was such divine intervention that it happened at this time and at this place in our lives. We get to experience so much of our lives together. We get to, you know, she saw me get married. I get to see her graduate, and I get to eventually see her get married, and we get to grow up and get to be in each other's lives and our future kid's lives."

Macha said soon will work as a nurse at Houston Methodist in the Medical Center. Clements is still working on her degree and plans to graduate next year. She will be returning to Utah with her husband but plans to see and get to know her formerly long-lost sister for years to come.

"For those who are seeking family and hoping to find family, don't give up on your search," Clements said. "It's a miracle, and it's a huge blessing, but don't give up on your search."

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