The best sights and historical spots in Wharton!

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Friday, November 20, 2020
Best places to see in Wharton!
From the Tee Pee Motel to Dinosaur Park, there are plenty of fun and unique things to see and do in Wharton!

WHARTON, Texas (KTRK) -- ABC13 Plus is proud to showcase Wharton as part of our initiative to cover unique and diverse people and places in our area.

"We are still the same laid back, country ranch people," explained City Historian Merle Hudgins. "I came to Wharton in 1946. The main crops were cotton and sugarcane."

The area was devastated when Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017. More than a third of all homes and buildings were damaged, and some remain so.

But, the hurricane also brought people together.

"There has been a closeness along all of the people that live here that I have not seen in my lifetime," Hudgins said.

Some landmarks to check out:

The Tee Pee Motel

Dan Rather House

Dinosaur Park

Wharton County Junior College

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