With ongoing mold cleanup, Willowridge students start year at Marshall HS

MISSOURI CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- Rivals under one roof.

Tuesday, students from Willowridge High School began attending classes at crosstown rival Marshall High School because Willowridge is undergoing mold remediation.

Most of the students we spoke with are excited about coming here, while some are nervous. At least one parent was not pleased.

The Willowridge High School mom did not want to give her name, but she is concerned that having 1,400 Willowridge students added to Marshall's enrollment will make things tough for her daughter.

"She has AP classes so I don't know how that is going to affect her here. She is in dual credit courses and I don't know how that is going to affect her here and how they are going to match what she needs," said the concerned mom.

To make matters worse, her daughter has social anxiety and tells us it may be difficult to adjust to her new temporary surroundings.

But most of the Willowridge students we spoke with said they are not concerned at all about coming to rival Marshall High School for a month.

Staff from both schools are trying their best to make the temporary merger go as smoothly as possible, even creating as much unified school spirit as possible.

Cecilia Garcia has a special needs son who normally attends Willowridge and so far she's pleased with the plan to bring the schools together.

"He's in Special Education, so the bus picks him up and drops him off and he is very, very active, and everything like that and I think he'll have a great first day. Now, I am a little bit tired myself," said Garcia.

Willowridge is undergoing a $7,000,000 renovation to get rid of mold and it should be back open in October.

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