$75K bond set for man accused of causing violent crash in NW Houston after fight over alleged affair

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Friday, September 1, 2023
Alleged affair led man to ram driver in violent crash, prosecutors say
In a statement, the victim's family said they are dealing with a great loss. When ABC13 asked if that meant their loved one was dead, the family did not answer.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Prosecutors say an alleged affair led to one driver ramming another driver off the road in northwest Houston. The victim is now in critical condition.

Andrei Silviu Niculusca, 47, appeared in court overnight. He's facing a second degree felony charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

A judge set his bond at $75,000.

According to details from court, the entire situation may have stemmed from relationship drama -- possibly a fight over a woman.

Niculusca is accused of intentionally ramming his truck into another car, causing the 28-year-old driver to run off the road and crash into a utility pole.

It happened at 2:55 p.m. Wednesday at 4000 West 34th Street near TC Jester.

According to Houston police, the victim was left in critical condition and had to be taken to the hospital via LifeFlight.

Cell phone video from a bystander shows a man, who appears to be Niculusca, on the driver's side of the victim's car after the crash happened.

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Houston police say a parking lot tiff between two people unfolded moments before a high-speed chase and crash.

Investigators said both men were arguing in a nearby parking lot before the crash -- allegedly over the victim's relationship with Niculusca's girlfriend.

After the argument, both men got into their vehicles and drove off. Niculusca allegedly followed the victim in his white Ford F-150 at a high rate of speed and struck the victim's vehicle with his truck, causing the man to lose control and hit a utility pole.

"There is video surveillance showing the defendant tailgating the complainant, ended up, looks like, struck complainant's vehicle, causing the complainant to lose control and crash," prosecutors read in court.

ABC13 spoke to a nearby neighbor who was working from home when she heard the crash happen. That's when she ran outside and saw a man jump out of a pickup truck and run to the other car.

"The guy was just bleeding from the top of his head, really bad, in and out of consciousness," Shawana Cunningham said. "It was smashed all on the driver's side, and they really had to pull to get him out when the paramedics got here."

The victim's current condition is unclear. The family sent a statement in which they explained they are dealing with a great loss and are asking for their privacy at this time. When ABC13 asked if that meant their loved one was dead, the family did not answer.

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