A bad boy: Dog steals package off porch in Woodforest area after snooping around 3 times

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Thursday, December 15, 2022
Dog steals package off porch in The Woodlands after snooping around 3 times, surveillance video shows
A parcel has been recovered after a pooch sniffing around a home for goodies on three separate occasions finally scored.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- An online clothing delivery was recovered after a dog was caught stealing a package off of a Woodforest-area home porch.

The neighborhood package sniffer came to a woman's home on Black Rock Road on Monday at about 1 p.m. to see if she had any deliveries. She did, and the sniffer decided to grab it.

Homeowner Madison Nava received a security notification and alerted her brother to check to see if the package was around.

The dog didn't make it too far before realizing there weren't treats inside. She said her brother found the parcel full of clothing torn open but with its contents still intact.

Nava said she recalled seeing that dog before.

Her home surveillance video shows the dog sniffing around on three occasions, but never getting lucky on a package until Monday.

The dog went by Sunday, Monday (he scored) and later on the same day too.