Use items at home to create DIY nail art

Wednesday, August 13, 2014
Use items at home to create DIY nail art
Who knew that you could create beautiful nail art with a Band-Aid, a Sharpie, and Elmer's glue?

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- If you love changing your nail polish trying new designs on your digits, this is for you! Here are five fresh ideas for your fingertips with DIY nail art.

"Who knew that you could create beautiful nail art with a Band-Aid, a Sharpie, and Elmer's glue?" said salon owner Rachel Gower.

Here are her do-it-yourself nail ideas that you can "nail" at home!

Band Aid Dots Nail Art

You can create these polka-dots on top of regular nail polish, but it's even better on top of a Shellac manicure because you can take it off and start over again if you make a mistake.

1. First, cut your Band-Aid in half and gently stretch it horizontally and vertically. This makes the holes a little larger.

2. Then, place your Band-Aid directly on your nail bed, but leave a tab at the end that'll help pull it off. 3. Smooth out any wrinkles and then apply your polish.

4. Tap the polish on the Band-Aid instead of swiping like you normally would.

5. Before the polish has a chance to dry, quickly pull the Band-Aid off.

6. Let your dots dry a little bit and then apply your normal top coat.

These polka dots are a lot of fun, but they're not perfect polka dots. It's more like a stencil.

DIY School Glue Manicure Shield

To get a cleaner manicure, you need Elmer's glue and a craft brush.

1. Paint the glue around your cuticle getting as close as you can to the nail without getting glue on the nail.

2. Once your glue is dry, apply your base coat and then your polish.

3. Since you coated your cuticles with glue, you don't need to be quite as careful as you normally would. If you get glue on your skin you'll be able to peel it off later.

4. Once your nails are polished, start taking the glue off. The trick to this is to not let your nail polish dry too long before you try to pull off the glue. If you do, it's going to pull the polish off with it.

6. Once you've peeled off all the glue, just add your top coat.

School Glue Base Coat

You can use Elmer's glue as a nail polish base coat! This is especially good for glitter nail polish, which can be difficult to get off.

Just paint on the glue, let it dry for a few minutes, and then apply your nail polish on top. When you're ready to take it off, remove as normal.

DIY Sharpie Nail Art

1. Start with Shellac or a regular polish manicure.

2. Take a Sharpie, any color that you like, and free-hand draw any design.

3. To take the Sharpie off, use rubbing alcohol.

DIY All-In-One Nail Polish Remover

You've probably seen this type of polish remover in the store, but you can make this so easily at home for much less. All you need is a small jar, some sponges (craft sponges or any sponge from the kitchen), and nail polish remover.

1. First, fold your sponge and wedge it into your jar. You really can't mess anything up and it doesn't need to be pretty.

2. Then, just add your polish remover to your sponge and jar. When it's time to take off polish, just dip your finger in and swish it around for about 30 seconds, then pull it out.

3. You can just keep refilling the jar with polish remover over and over.

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