Floyd's family on 22 1/2-year sentence: 'It's a slap in the face'

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Saturday, June 26, 2021
Floyd's family on 22 1/2-year sentence: 'It's a slap in the face'
There were a different set of emotions between the sentencing of Derek Chauvin and the verdict a month ago. We were with George Floyd's sister in Houston as she watched the former officer be sent away to prison.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- LaTonya Floyd described the sentencing of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin's as "a slap in the face," after a year has passed since her brother George Floyd was murdered.

Every court hearing and every television interview is emotionally draining for LaTonya. And on Friday afternoon, she watched Chauvin's sentencing at Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church with one of her good friends.

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She said the testimony was, at times, too much.

LaTonya got up from the couch as the lead prosecutor described her brother's injuries. At one point, she held her hands to her ears to avoid hearing the details of the killing.

Other times, she reacted with disdain.

When Chauvin's mother testified that she has "seen the toll" it has taken on Chauvin, LaTonya let out a large sigh, saying, "He killed my brother."

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The Floyd family expressed from the very beginning that they wanted the maximum sentence of 40 years for the conviction of second degree manslaughter. State guidance for Minnesota showed most sentences for a similar conviction was around 12 years.

The judge decided to go significantly above guidance, handing down a sentence of 22 1/2 years.

"The man killed my brother in cold blood in front of the world," said LaTonya. "He's supposed to get the max sentence, period. That's a slap in the face."

Even though the sentence was a disappointment for the family, LaTonya Floyd says the family will continue the fight. They expect several other officers to face trial. In addition, they want to support any other families who may suffer similar fates in the future.

"He didn't ask to be killed, we didn't ask for this to happen," said Tiffany Cofield, LaTonya's friend, as she wiped tears from her eyes. "We didn't ask for this to be our life."

"The Floyd family is going to stand with everyone that stood with us," said LaTonya.

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