HPD arrests 21-year-old accused of being prolific con artist

Tuesday, July 20, 2021
HPD arrests 21-year-old accused of being prolific con artist
Davion Sandifer is facing five charges and is being accused of being the man behind an employment scam.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A man who prosecutors say is a "repeat con artist" was arrested by Houston police on several charges related to fraud, and according to court documents, he's no stranger to the system.

Davion Sandifer, 21, was arrested Tuesday morning. He's facing five charges and is accused of being the man behind an employment scam.

"He's taking advantage of anything he could possibly do," said Harris County Assistant District Attorney Keith Houston.

According to court documents obtained by ABC13 on Monday, a man applied for a job posted on LinkedIn to be a director of security with the Genisis Charitable Foundation.

Prosecutors said the foundation is Sandifer's illegitimate charity and a lie to collect funds. In this case, investigators say Sandifer used this as an employment scam.

The victim, who thought he secured a real job, shared personal information with Sandifer, who then used that information to obtain a loan, lease an apartment, and open a bank Cash App debit card and a number of other accounts.

Davion Sandifer, 21, is facing five charges and is being accused as being the man behind an employment scam.

"It does not appear he has any gainful employment. He lives off of criminal proceeds by victimizing others," said Houston.

It's now the second set of cases Houston will prosecute against Sandifer.

In a case from earlier this year, Sandifer is accused of hacking a woman's social media accounts, asking her friends for money while posing as her, and creating an online dating profile by using her name and photos.

"It is random guys coming up to me who I don't know, and that's the scariest part," the woman told ABC13 during an anonymous interview.

The woman said she opened her doors to Sandifer, who she thought was a friend in need, and allowed him to stay at her home for a few days.

"I'm like, 'Okay, I can trust him. He's my friend.' He's telling the same story to everyone ... his parents kicked him out, he has no money," she explained.

Court documents also said Sandifer used her social media accounts and was able to get men to send explicit photos.

"I believe that he is trying to scam people right now. This is the only way that he's surviving," said Houston.

Sandifer was recently convicted in a separate fraud case out of Iowa. According to the Sioux City Journal, Sandifer used fake checks to pay for sex while he was a student at Briar Cliff University.

Sandifer has a bond hearing scheduled for Thursday.

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