'Dancing with the Stars' crowns champions for Season 29

Both the judges and fans called it the most competitive season ever, but after 11 weeks of dancing, a winner has been crowned.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2020
'Dancing with the Stars' crowns champions for Season 29
After 11 weeks of dancing, Season 29 of "Dancing with the Stars" came to an end, and a new couple walked out of the ballroom with the coveted mirror ball trophy.

LOS ANGELES -- After 11 dance-filled weeks, Season 29 of "Dancing with the Stars" came to an end, and a new couple walked out of the ballroom with that coveted mirror ball trophy.

Each of the final four danced twice during the two-hour extravaganza - a repeat dance, and the always fun, fresh and fan favorite freestyle.

The judges made a run on '10' scores yet again. This was easily the highest scoring finale in the show's history.

SPOILER ALERT: Find out who won Season 29 of "Dancing with the Stars" below.

Kaitlyn & Artem

60 out of 60

Yes, this duo earned a perfect score for both dances. As you'll see if you keep reading they weren't the only ones! Their repeat dance was the Argentine tango. The two walked down memory lane, reflecting on the 10 weeks of competition. Kaitlyn said, "Each week has been a dream, but being in the finale and chasing that mirror ball has been the biggest dream." They got a standing ovation from the judges. Derek Hough called the routine a perfect reminder of why she deserves to be in the finale. Bruno Tonioli said Kaitlyn took his breath away, and Carrie Ann Inaba, who had some contentious moments with the duo during the season, called the dance unforgettable and thanked Kaitlyn for challenging herself.

For their freestyle, Kaitlyn admitted she gets goosebumps being able to say she is "a dancer." Another perfect score!

Nev & Jenna

60 out of 60

Nev, a reality TV host, said he never ever thought he could transition into a career in the performing arts, but this is just the beginning. He readily admits that "DWTS" has changed his life. And for his repeat paso doble to Swan Lake, Nev promised to leave every single drop of life out on the dance floor. Carrie Ann said it was perfection the first time - ditto! Host Tyra Banks brought up a bit of obvious manscaping that Nev had done. He let us in on a little secret. Nev and Jenna made a deal at beginning of the season that if they made it to finale, he would shave his chest. While they chatted before the freestyle, Nev and Jenna said they clicked right away, and their friendship made this a dream partnership. Jenna said this was her most fulfilling season yet, and Nev helped reclaim her joy of dance. They performed to "Singing in the Rain" and, yes, they danced in the rain. Derek told Nev that you can't pull off Gene Kelly unless you're a leading man, and Nev is a leading man.

Justina & Sasha

60 out of 60

Sasha says he saw her potential from the very start. Their repeat dance was the cha from week one, so they could show the judge how far she had come on during this dance journey. Derek said she continues to explode with charisma and energy; Bruno called her the "Diva Latina," and Carrie Ann thinks Justina lights up the dance floor like nobody else. While they were preparing for the freestyle, the two shared they are family now. Sasha wants this final dance to be a celebration of all things Justina. Bruno thinks they succeeded with that goal, calling the dance a celebration of Latin spirit, warmth, and her zest for life. Carrie Ann applauded how she used the dance to pay tribute to her culture.

Nelly & Daniela

57 out of 60

Nelly admitted the season was filled with ups and downs, but he likes doing things people don't think he can do. What he doesn't like - letting down the fans who brought him here. Their repeat dance is the samba, which got everyone out of their seats and moving and grooving. Bruno told Nelly he loves his spontaneity and natural feel.

Carrie Ann agreed that it gives her joy to watch him dance. It's about more than technique, it shows us life, release and transformation. Derek said this show is about moments, and told Nelly he is a "moment maker."

Host Tyra Banks makes note of Nelly's shoe progression over the season, from tennis shoes to actual dance shoes. He tells her he is going to auction them all off for charity.

Our quick few minutes at the end reveals what the fans and the final judge's scores have decided for Season 29:

Fourth place: Justina. Third place: Nelly. Second place: Nev. And the mirror ball champs for 2020 are Kaitlyn and Artem!