Over 100 gallons of diesel spill on US-90 after car loses control, hits 18-wheeler in Crosby: HCSO

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Thursday, March 28, 2024
Over 100 gallons of diesel spill on US-90 after crash with 18-wheeler
The westbound lanes of US-90 were closed at Runneberg Road after a crash between an 18-wheeler and a sedan caused a 100-gallon diesel spill.

CROSBY, Texas (KTRK) -- Crews have finished cleaning up a large diesel spill caused by an 18-wheeler crash in Crosby.

According to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, an 18-wheeler and a sedan collided at 2930 US-90 near Crosby-Lynchburg Road, causing approximately 100 gallons of diesel to spill on the roadway.

Gonzalez said the fuel spill spanned about a quarter of a mile. ABC13 confirmed with the sheriff's office that no one was hurt in the crash.

Officials said a car traveling westbound on US-90 had a tire blow out, causing the driver to lose control. That's when the driver reportedly hit the back of the 18-wheeler carrying building supplies, which caused the rig to jackknife and end up in a ditch.

When that happened, authorities say the fuel tank of the 18-wheeler ruptured, and the diesel spilled.

The westbound lanes of US-90 were shut down at Runneberg Road for a few hours as cleanup efforts were underway, forcing traffic to exit at Lindstorm Road. All lanes reopened around noon.

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