Experts offer advice on how to find a healthy work-life balance post-COVID

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Friday, April 30, 2021
How to find a healthy work-life balance post-COVID
Are you nervous to return to the way things were before COVID? Watch here for advice on how you can navigate the change after all the months of limited interaction.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Navigating life after COVID-19 will be a unique experience for each and every one of us.

Jen Cooke said she and her dog Cocoa moved to Houston from Miami in the middle of the pandemic.

Cooke, who works in sales, said the virus has completely changed her day-to-day operations.

"Everything was face-to-face before COVID. It went from two to three hours a day driving around to clients. I'm now spending those hours in front of a camera," said Cooke. "The job itself is very relationship-driven. So, I had to get used to building relationships through a camera. It changed completely."

Cooke said she's ready to get back in the field and meet people in-person.

"I think that you're more productive, but because it is relationship-driven, I still don't think technology will ever replace face-to-face meetings," she said.

Ty David Lerman with Southwest Psychotherapy Associates said everyone's comfort level will be different.

Once they're back in the workplace, they should communicate with their co-workers how they want to interact.

"Things have changed. I think it's okay that it's changed, but we need to embrace it," said Lerman. "Tell them how this has impacted you, and specifically, where your boundaries are."

Lerman said many of us discovered some things we love about working remotely, maybe that's working out of the office on Fridays. He said be clear with your boss. Ask for what you want. Find a new work-life balance after the pandemic.

"If you've realized your priorities were not in order before," said Lerman. "If the veil has been lifted, I think it's OK to re-prioritize that for yourself. In extreme cases, find a new job if that doesn't fit for you."

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