Back in stock: These items are returning to store shelves

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Thursday, January 21, 2021
These items are easier to find now after months of shortages
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Some items are easier to find now after months of shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Houston, TX (KTRK) -- Ten months ago, the world came to a halt because of the coronavirus pandemic. Now some supplies that sold out are coming back to store shelves, while others are still hard to find.

Toilet paper was the big item in short supply. It's back on shelves and easy to find.

Hand sanitizer is also now available pretty much anywhere you look. That was in short supply for many months.

Clorox wipes were nowhere to be found for months, but are now available at stores. You may still face limits on how much you can buy.

Face masks are also easily available. Appliances have also made a comeback.

But there is still a shortage in the home improvement sector. Things like seeds and gardening supplies may be hard to find. Keep that in mind as we get ready for spring.

And gym equipment is still not back on store shelves. Some items are on back order and could take months to ship. What's behind the delay?

"When you think about people managing the supply chain," said Sara Skirboll of Retail Me Not. "they have to be in the warehouse. They have to be managing the back-bed systems and given the pandemic, fewer and fewer people are able to physically be present in big warehouses and offices."

But things are improving. Experts say expect to have an easier time finding gym equipment and furniture in the second quarter of this year.

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