Houstonian gets injection as part of clinical trial for COVID vaccine

Friday, August 14, 2020
Houston woman taking part in vaccine trial
Hear from a Houston woman who is taking part in Moderna vaccine trial.

As researchers continue working on a vaccine for COVID-19, and with several clinical trials underway, a Houstonian is taking part in one of those trials.

"I really needed a way to help. I mean, Houstonians are known for helping and I needed to know what that meant for me and when I saw that phase one was done and Houston was going to have a phase three trial for Moderna, I decided to take a look at it," said Christene Kimmel, who is participating in the Moderna trial.

She doesn't know if she got the vaccine or the placebo. Nationwide, 30,000 people will be part of the Moderna trial. Moderna will manufacture the vaccine while clinical trials are underway.

Kimmel was the first patient to get the injection at the Texas Center for Drug Development in Bellaire.

Some participants have told ABC13 that their appointments were canceled or delayed through TCDD, which has now started administering the vaccine.

TCDD say they had to wait to get the green light from Moderna before starting the trial, because there's certain criteria that must be met.

DM Clinicals in Tomball and TCDD in Bellaire are sister companies. Each clinic has a goal to administer between 600 to 1,000 injections.


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