Busting 5 of the biggest coronavirus myths

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Friday, March 6, 2020
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Will warm weather stop the virus from spreading? Does a coronavirus test cost $3,000? Watch to see what we found out:

With concerns rising about the novel coronavirus, officially called COVID-19, many are hungry for information about the disease.

But beware. There is so much out there, especially online, that the World Health Organization has dubbed it an "infodemic."

That means there is an over-abundance of information. Some of it is accurate, and some of it is not, WHO told ABC News.

We're hoping to help you cut through some of the clutter.

ABC13 talked to Dr. Gabriela Bowden, associate professor of microbiology at University of Houston - Downtown, to help clear up some of the misinformation being published on social media.

Watch the video above to get the answers to what's really going on behind the myths.


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