How a Houston family of 7 battling COVID-19 under one roof stays connected

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- One of the biggest challenges families are facing during the coronavirus pandemic is trying to quarantine and practice safe, social distancing while under the same roof.

A mother of five tested positive for the virus, and her family has found creative ways to stay in touch and interact while staying apart in the same home.

The Bartholomews have a full household with lots of love. So, when a mother of five and her daughter, Ania, were diagnosed with coronavirus, they fought it together.

"We got sick at the same time with the same symptoms," said Ania.

Ania was battling the virus at one house, while her mother, Angelique, recovered at a separate home. Angelique had a full house, with four of her other children and her husband.

As a close family, they weren't just battling symptoms, but they were also battling the difficulty of being apart.

"They're used to hugs. I believe that's a critical part of, you know, our world and nurturing as a mom so, not being able to touch any of them has been extremely challenging for me and I think it's also rubbing off on them a little bit," said Angelique.

So they have found creative ways to have family time while keeping their distance.

For example, her family called Angelique via FaceTime and set the phone on a chair while they were watching a movie so they could all watch it together.

"They put their phone on the couch with FaceTime when they watched a movie and put me on a blanket so, I was out there with them in the family room, to some degree," said Angelique.

When the family was cooking in the kitchen, Angelique was right there with them as well.

"When my son was cooking, they put me on the sink so I was able to watch everybody cook," she said.

At the height of it, Angelique had severe body pain and a fever. Her daughter had similar symptoms. Both of them are feeling much better. They're grateful they have each other and look forward to seeing each other face to face.

"It's a matter of being in this together and recognizing we will get through it together," said Angelique.

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