20-year-old arrested after touching 2 women inappropriately on walking trail near A&M, police say

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Saturday, December 10, 2022
College Station crime: 20-year-old man charged after touching 2 women inappropriately on walking trail near Texas A&M University
One victim said she had to pull out her gun before the man would leave her alone.

COLLEGE STATON, Texas (KTRK) -- A man was arrested on Thursday after police say he touched two women inappropriately on a walking trail in College Station.

Officers identified the man as 20-year-old Brandon Lange from Bryan.

At about 8 p.m., an officer with the College Station Police Department responded to an assault incident at the trail five miles away from Texas A&M University in the 6000 block of Hasselt Street.

Before the call, the officer said he was investigating a different assault in which the victims said a man she did not know grabbed her breast and buttocks before running away.

Once the officer arrived at the scene, he made a connection between the two cases. The officer said both of the incidents happened within the same time frame, on the same trail, and less than two miles away from the each other.

The officer said the second victim was with a friend at the time of the assault.

They told the officer that they were walking on the trail when a man approached them, greeted them, and walked past them. Then, they said the man turned around and grabbed the victim, and knocked her to the ground. The victim said she ended up on her back with the man on top of her. She said she felt the man run his hands along her waist while she was trying to get him off of her.

She told the officer that she was scared that she was going to be sexually assaulted.

The victim's friend came to her defense and began to strike the man with her hands. The man then got up and ran away before he turned around. The victim said she pulled out a gun and warned him. They said that's when the man ran away again.

Lange was charged with indecent assault and booked into the Brazos County Jail.

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