Despite common belief, Houston is not the US city with the most bugs, data finds

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Tuesday, August 2, 2022
How to fend off bugs in your yard and home
Now is the time to take action as warmer weather brings bugs looking to set up in your home or yard back to Houston.

HOUSTON, Texas -- There's some buzz going around Texas: Houston may not be the buggiest city.

Thumbtack, a home management app that connects owners with service providers, took note of its bug-related service requests, and ranked Austin the fourth buggiest city in the United States, followed by Houston at No. 5. In what may shock anyone who has actually visited both cities, Dallas topped Houston and made the No. 1 slot.

The video above is from a previous report.

A quick note about methodology: While many in tropical Houston may (rightfully) feel that Bayou City should own this top spot, Dallas and Austin may be more bugged by insects than buggy overall. This data came entirely from consumers on Thumbtack, requesting "pest control, pest inspection, bed bug extermination, and outdoor pesticide application." Those numbers were adjusted for population and ranked across an unspecified number of states.

Perhaps, Dallas and Austin have fewer bugs than Houston, and just want to get rid of them more.

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