Church sign: Sacred or sacrilegious

NEWTON, MA (KTRK) -- Most of us have seen our share of creative church signs. Churches use them to post inspiring messages for members or for those just passing by.

But one church in Massachusetts may need a lesson in spacing their letters to get their point across. At first glance, the sign may seem sacrilegious to some people when it is really meant to be sacred.

A Reddit user Dennis Klem shared a photo of a sign in front of the First Baptist Church in Newton on March 13. The church's intention was for the sign to read "God is Now Here." However, the letters are placed too close together so others may read "God is Nowhere."

The spacing issue made for some humorous feedback from other Reddit users.

"How about, Godi snow here," one user wrote.

How did you read it at first glance?

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