Chrissy Metz on potential 'This Is Us' reunion

'I'd love there to be a reunion! It'd be so cute,' Chrissy said.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
Chrissy Metz on potential 'This Is Us' reunion
Chrissy Metz discusses the potential for a 'This Is Us' reunion and where she'd like to see the Pearsons.

LOS ANGELES -- We caught up with actress and singer, Chrissy Metz, where she talked to On The Red Carpet about her thoughts on a potential "This Is Us" reunion.

"I'd love there to be a reunion! It'd be so cute. I think there has to be a little more time, maybe in five, ten years from now," she said.

"This Is Us" took the world by storm as an emotional and heartwarming family-saga told over six seasons. Metz' time on the show earned her nominations for a Primetime Emmy Award and two Golden Globe Awards as Best Supporting Actress.

"Where are they? Did Randall become president? Who knows," she asked, bouncing off ideas for the potential reunion. "I mean, I'd love to do it. I think we all would. It'd be really cute to come back to where the Pearsons are, you know, in 2030-something. We'll see!"

We'd love to catch back up with the Pearsons and find out where all of our favorite characters ended up!

All seasons of "This Is Us" are streaming now on Hulu.

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