Chet Hanks' former girlfriend alleges 'pattern' of abuse in Fort Bend Co. lawsuit

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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
Chet Hanks' ex alleges pattern of abuse in Fort Bend lawsuit
In front of the Fort Bend County Justice Center, the attorneys of a woman who alleges a pattern of abuse against Chet Hanks also claims she had been threatened after the famous son posted about her.

RICHMOND, Texas (KTRK) -- The lawyers of a woman who claimed Tom Hanks' son put her through a pattern of abuse, including one incident at a Sugar Land home, addressed a lawsuit they filed against him on her behalf.

Last month, ABC13 reported a protective order was filed in Fort Bend County against Chet Hanks, one of the sons of the Academy Award actor.

The woman suing the 30-year-old Hanks was in a dating relationship with him since 2019. The two shared homes in Sugar Land and in California.

Editor's note: Eyewitness News is not revealing the woman's identity.

The woman's lawyers, Kevin Murray and D'Angelo Lowe, claim Hanks assaulted their client while they've been in a relationship. They pointed at examples of the alleged abuse, including an incident last October when she visited Hanks in New Orleans while he filmed a TV series.

The protective order also points at an incident in Sugar Land back in January that led her to contact authorities and file charges against him. The attorneys announced the civil lawsuit against Hanks was filed Monday.

In response, Hanks, through his attorney Marty D. Singer, stated the claims are false, deciding to file a lawsuit in return against her.

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Still, the woman's lawyers insist Hanks must answer for the alleged abuse.

"Chet Hanks has repeatedly been seen abusing our client and needs to be held accountable for his actions, regardless of his family and their name recognition," her attorneys said in a joint statement.