The 'Charcuterie Queen' of Long Island is guaranteed to make you hungry with her beautiful cheese and meat boards

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Wednesday, November 25, 2020
'Charcuterie Queen' of Long Island shares lavish cheese boards
Corrina Cafarelli turned her charcuterie passion into a business, creating lavish cheese and meat boards for all of Long Island to eat!

WANTAGH, New York -- For years, Corrina Cafarelli was encouraged by her friends to start a business with her delectable charcuterie boards.

Cafarelli always enjoyed the style of charcuterie due to its grazing style of eating.

She never thought that her love of putting together cheese and meat boards would lead her to create a full-fledged business during the coronavirus pandemic.

"I've made so many memories with my friends just sitting and having a cheese board," said Cafarelli. "Something that is so simple like cheese brings so many people together and that's really what I love about it."

Cafarelli started small making two to three boards every weekend for family and friends, but when she coined the name 'Charcuterie Queen' on Instagram, her business grew overnight.

Every time she would post a picture of her aesthetically pleasing boards, her following would grow and hungry customers would place even more orders.

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When Cafarelli creates her boards, she is very particular with the placement of each meat and cheese.

She never plans the layouts of her boards that she prepares, she likes to feel the vibe of the board and go with the flow of wherever that board takes her.

Cafarelli loves to experiment with new cheeses and meats that she discovers at local stores across Long Island. She hopes to spice up her follower's boards by adding a wide selection of exotic flavors for them to taste.

"My favorite is when they send me a picture when they are done eating it and it's destroyed, said Cafarelli. "I love seeing that they really did enjoy everything."


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