Man shot outside popular lounge died over something simple: Sister

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The sister of a man who was shot and killed outside of a popular night spot in the Fourth Ward said her brother was jumped inside the business after simply asking if a group was doing okay.

Cecil Brown's sister, who wished to remain anonymous for her interview with ABC13 Wednesday, said she, her brother and their younger cousins were at Seaside Lounge on West Dallas Street on Sunday night as part of a family outing.

She said the cousins were invited to sit at a table with a group of men. The 35-year-old Brown went over to check on them.

"When he went over again, one of the guys became a little confrontational," she recalled.

Brown's sister said the men became angry that he stood in their section. In a matter of seconds, things escalated. She added several of them surrounded her brother before he was hit in the head with a bottle.

"He just took the bottle out and, boom, his face is bleeding. He's gushing blood all over his face," she said.

Brown's cousin tried to help him, but the cousins were also jumped.

"They're stomping him. There's seven of them, and two of them (cousins) - no weapon, no nothing," she said.

Brown's sister said they were eventually separated, and her brother went outside to his car. That was when Brown's family lost him in the crowded lounge.

She said when they finally made it outside, she heard what sounded like gunshots. Seconds later, she saw her brother's car.

"I ran back to his car. I thought he had an accident," she recalled seeing Brown's vehicle hit a pole. "We saw holes in the car and he was bleeding."

Brown was fatally shot, and the person who shot him is still at large.

Since the incident, Brown's sister has been left wondering what could have been different, mainly taking issue with how Seaside Lounge handled its security and how it could have saved her brother's life.

"Had they got the HPD officer from the front door and brought him on the inside when the guy was assaulting Cecil, and continuing to assault our other friend they had apprehended him, it would have been avoided," she said.

She continued, "Had they held those guys inside of the club until we were safely away, because they had already jumped on my brother, assaulted him with a bottle. You're not supposed to allow people to leave after an altercation."

In a statement, Seaside Lounge said it was taking steps to improve the safety of its patrons:

"Effective immediately, we have hired a completely new, highly trained and experienced security company that will be on site during all hours of business. We have also increased the number of security guards that will be present along with adding additional surveillance cars to the parking lots. We have also increased our HPD presence from 2 officers to 6 officers daily during business hours.

We have increased our valet team to assist with the parking along with the traffic concerns. There will also be a new business casual dress code; which will be enforced immediately.

We are a new establishment and we understand that we will have to continue to improve on all aspects of business and are willing to put in the effort and time to ensure the safety of our customers and neighbors at all times" - Seaside Ownership

Ultimately, Brown's sister asked one question directed at the shooter.

"Was it worth it? Was it worth it?"

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At least one person was killed Sunday night in a shooting at a popular Fourth Ward night spot, authorities said.

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