Wal-Mart introduces new dress code, employees must buy own clothes

Employees at Walmart will soon have to dress a little nicer at their own expense.

The world's largest retailer has unveiled a new dress code for its massive workforce, Business Insider reports. Starting Sept. 29, associates must wear navy blue or white collared shirts paired with khaki or black pants, capris or skirts. The khaki pants have always been part of the uniform.

Employees will also be required to wear a Walmart-branded vest, which the company will provide. However, Walmart says its employees will have to purchase the rest of their work uniform at their own expense. The company even set up a website for employees to buy their new required work clothes at Walmart.

The news has many employees upset. According to post by Gawker, many of the employees have been sounding off on social media saying they can't afford to buy new clothes on a minimum wage salary, even with their employee discount.

Gawker points out that last year, "Walmart gave its shareholders nearly $13 billion in dividends and share repurchases. Walmart employees may purchase new Dickies work pants for the low price of $19.97."

We posted this story on our Facebook page to see what you think of the dress code change. Some of you thought it is out of line to require employees to wear collared shirts. Others say lots of companies have required uniforms that employees must buy. What do you think? Sound off on our ABC-13 Facebook page or in the comments below.
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