This is the dirtiest place in your car

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Thursday, March 25, 2021
The spot in your car that's dirtier than a toilet seat
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There is a spot in your car that may be dirtier than a toilet seat and guess what? You touch it every day. ACTION 13's Jeff Ehling is here to save you from the dirtiest places in your car.

Everyone loves a clean ride, but even if you keep your car nice and shiny, you may be overlooking the dirtiest place in your car.

We wanted to find the places in your car that are home to germs so you know where to clean. According to, the seatbelt is the third dirtiest spot inside a car.

Your hands touch it every day. Even if you wash your hands, your kids and their buddies probably are not as diligent. Experts say bacteria can definitely grow on the seat belt.

The best advice is to wipe them down with a cleaner or disinfectant, and then use a dry cloth to really get the cleaner into the fabric.

The second dirtiest part makes sense - the cup holder. All of those spills, when left in a hot car become breeding ground for bacteria. For this, make sure you thoroughly clean all the cups holders with a disinfectant.

But the dirtiest spot is the steering wheel. Can you believe it is dirtier than a public toilet seat?

"You are trekking it in from everywhere else. Wherever that you just came from, the store, the kids' daycare, wherever you just happen to be and have those germs ... bacteria on your hands are going to go right onto your [steering wheel], on your palms, and now you wiped your face," said Rob Schruefer of the International Detailing Association.

So how can you clean it? Experts say to use Lysol wipes, or baby wipes and wipe down the steering wheel at least once or twice a week. Professional detailers also say it is not a bad idea to get a deep clean once a year.

If you prefer a product made for cars, check out a Core interior detailer.

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