Booby trap on bike path in Portland injures bicyclist

PORTLAND, Oregon (KTRK) -- A woman bicycling was injured Friday after a booby trap was set up on a popular walking and bike path.

According to police, the trap was set intentionally.

The three men who were accused have since been arrested.

27-year-old Antonio R. Tolman-Duran, 21-year-old Dakota E. Murphy and 23-year-old Justin J. Jones were booked on assault and reckless endangering.

The woman says she always rides on the path. But Friday night, she was on a downhill and hit a snag. She rode right into several strings that had been tied up across the path.

They wrapped around her eyes, chin and neck.

She said she would have seen the strings but instead she was focused on three men running from the path, who police later found and arrested for setting the trap.

She and other cyclists along the path told us they're always on the lookout because this isn't the first time they've heard of something like this.

She knew right away to put her head down and let her helmet protect her, and she managed to stay upright on her bike.
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