'Bluey' is back with a surprise new episode on Disney+

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Sunday, April 21, 2024
'What's gonna happen!?' 'Bluey' stars call season finale 'scary and...
The third season of the hit children's series "Bluey" is wrapping up with a supersized finale.

LOS ANGELES -- "Bluey," the hit children's series that has captivated audiences, is back with a surprise episode that will premiere on Sunday.

The episode, suitably titled "Surprise," is set to stream on Disney+ at 12 a.m. PT Sunday. It will also air on Disney Junior at 7 a.m. PT and on the Disney Channel at 7:30 a.m. PT, with multiple re-airings throughout the day.

The series follows Bluey, a lovable Blue Heeler dog who lives with her Mum, Dad and little sister, Bingo. Just last week, the normally seven-minute show premiered a 28-minute special, "The Sign," which dealt with the family possibly moving out of their home.

"Bluey" is written and created by Joe Brumm and is starting this year as the most-streamed series across all audiences.

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