Katy coach turns to Ted after bad oil change ruins Jeep

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- A Katy football coach got mad when he found out something went wrong with his first ever oil change on his pearl white 2018 Jeep Wrangler. He got madder still after he had to Turn to Ted to make it right.

At first, Kalief Muhammad loved his new Jeep and the dealer that sold it to him. "I got a great deal," he said.

For a few months, everything was perfect. Then, he tells us he took it back to AutoNation, the dealer he bought it from, for a free oil change and tire rotation. Fifteen miles later he says, "The car started to shake, the light starts to flash."

The car wasn't going anywhere. Kalief took pictures and a video of the car as it sat there, and checked for proof that the oil change he got was really done.

Kalief told ABC13's Ted Oberg, "I pulled out the dipstick. It was clean. It told me there was no oil in it."

Kalief says the dealer eventually admitted service techs didn't put any new oil in. He asked AutoNation to take back the busted Jeep and give him a new one. He says the dealer wanted him to take less in value since his car was six months old and had depreciated. Muhammad says the dealer offered thousands less.

Kalief wasn't taking that deal. He called the Texas Attorney General's consumer protection division, a lawyer, and finally, us.

"I don't think anything really started to go in motion until you guys got involved," Kalief told ABC13.

After our calls, AutoNation stepped up and the offer on the busted Jeep jumped thousands of dollars to make it right.

Kalief told ABC13, "Not only did they pay off my vehicle and more than what it was at the time that I owed, but they also gave me a very good deal on another vehicle. They kept me as a customer."

AutoNation told Turn to Ted, "We went above and beyond to make him happy. We found him a replacement vehicle, and sold it to him at cost. We also gave him 100% value, even though he had the vehicle for over six months."

Kalief is a satisfied customer. He believes all those pictures and video he took of the car right after it stopped were the thing that made the difference in his case.

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