Post Oak Little League team gets boost from Astros before Little League World Series trip

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Saturday, August 11, 2018
Post Oak Little League meets Houston Astros before World Series
Post Oak Little League meets Houston Astros before World Series

A group of Little League all-stars got a big boost from their favorite players before they embark to win a championship.

On Friday, the Post Oak Little League team was invited to Minute Maid Park before the game.

The players were welcomed onto the field, and they got to meet Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa.

"That was awesome," Post Oak player George Kugle said. "We watch them on TV almost every day of the week and just meeting them, like a movie star, is pretty cool."

The kids meeting the MLB players aren't bad themselves.

Today, the Astros invited the team to the game.

After beating Oklahoma 8-0, Post Oak advanced to the Little League World Series.

"We're going to root for them," Astors manager A.J. Hinch said. "How cool is it that our city gets represented on a big stage? Little League World Series, we'll be following them day-by-day."

In Pennsylvania, the Astros love won't end with Friday's visit.

You might recognize the Post Oak jersey when you see it on TV.

"It's a throwback Astros jersey," Post Oak Coach David Rook said. "It's orange and yellow. It's pretty cool that we get to represent the southwest region in that."

No matter the outcome of the upcoming tournament, these kids have already made memories that will last a lifetime.

"You can't think of anything better," Post Oak player Andrew Stover said. "You've grown up watching them, and now we get to meet them."

Post Oak heads to Williamsport, Pennsylvania for the Little League World Series on Saturday morning.

They face New England first.