Microchips made at UH set to launch on Artemis I mission to the moon

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Wednesday, August 31, 2022
NASA scrubs launch of moon rocket Artemis 1 due to engine problem
NASA called off the launch of its mighty new moon rocket on its debut flight with three test dummies aboard Monday after a last-minute cascade of problems culminating in unexplaine

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Coogs are playing a role in the latest mission to the moon!

The video featured above is from a previous report.

NASA is set to launch Artemis I to the moon this Saturday, after a failed attempt due to an engine problem.

The Orion spacecraft will carry dozens of tiny microchips made at the University of Houston to honor the thousands of people who made the mission possible.

Long Chang, a research associate professor in the Cullen College of Engineering and expert at the UH nanofabrication facility, answered the call when NASA was looking for a way to honor the thousands of people contributing to the Artemis I mission.

"NASA wanted microchips with everyone's name on them. But I had some creative liberties in the design because they didn't really know what we were capable of," Chang said. "I figured out how to do this so quickly that I decided to position the names so when you see it, it looks like the NASA logo, the Artemis logo, and the European Space Agency logo. Each logo is made of those 30,000 names."

The names include those from NASA, the ESA, industry partners, and suppliers who have contributed to the Artemis program by building hardware, developing systems, and supporting mission operations.

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