ABC13's Art Rascon shares letter of gratitude as he continues journey with COVID-19

Tuesday, January 19, 2021
ABC13's Art Rascon says 'thank you' to Houston
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ABC13 anchor Art Rascon shares his gratitude after receiving thousands of notes as he continues his battle with COVID-19.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- ABC13 anchor Art Rascon is sharing a letter of gratitude after receiving thousands of notes and prayers as he continues his journey with COVID-19.

Read the full letter below:

"An Open Letter of Gratitude:

My dear friends, oh, how I love you. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts and prayers, your get-well wishes, and your extraordinary stories that some of you have shared.

I have received thousands of notes, each with tender, heartfelt words of concern. What has touched me most from these letters, is to recognize how much COVID has touched your individual lives. It seems everyone knows someone who has had this dreaded virus. Many shared stories of very difficult battles, and others sadly of losing loved ones. One sweet woman tearfully talked about how she had lost 4 of her immediate family members to the virus.

I wept many times as I read these letters. My heart grieves for your loss, pain, suffering, and the misery caused by such a devastating disease. I hope you have found a degree of peace through it all.

Please know that my thoughts and prayers are on your behalf. My personal journey though Covid has taught me more patience, understanding and compassion. I have actually learned to be grateful for such a difficult experience. In many ways, it has been spiritually rewarding with many quiet moments in deep thought and meditation.

Again, thank you for the thousands and thousands of letters and notes. God bless you my friends."