Man fined for using illegal cell phone jammer


WFTS reports Jason Humphreys, of Seffner, Fla. allegedly installed a cell phone jamming device in the passenger seat of his car. The jammer restricted service to everyone he drove near for nearly two years.

"He acquired this cellphone jammer and was literally jamming phones as he traveled down the interstate as well as jamming cell towers," Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office spokesman Larry McKinnon told ABC Action News. "The moral issue is that it's just very dangerous."

The Federal Communications Commission received a complaint from Metro PCS about interference of their cell phone towers during rush hour commutes. Now, they have issued the hefty fine to Humphreys.

Deputies said Humphreys admitted to using the jammer and told authorities he was fed up with watching people use their phones while driving.

Signal jammers are illegal in the United States unless being used by the federal government.

For more from the FCC on Humphreys' case, click here

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