Police: Woman angry at friend posted fake online personal ad on Craigslist as revenge


Court records show 20-year-old Abigail Stubbs created an online personal ad with a title too graphic for television. Her father declined to talk to us. The victim's mother told us all of this has caused trouble and is unfortunate for everyone.

Stubbs posted bond as soon as she could, took this picture and was free again. She is charged with harassing a friend by pretending to be her and looking for sex.

"I'd say it was a bad decision," Deer Park detective Jarrat Hill said.

According to court records, Stubbs hatched her plan while working at her job at a Deer Park restaurant. Police say she used her smartphone, clicked on Craigslist, chose the women seeking men section and a created a personal ad using a photo of her friend in a bikini. The message was sexually explicit, included her cell phone number, and within minutes, her phone lit up.

"She got 40-plus, maybe 45 different messages. She got five or more specific photographs of men's genitals and then she got a large amount of phone calls people were calling, texting sending her photographs," Hill said.

The victim quickly contacted Craigslist to flag the ad and then called police. They were able to track it to Stubbs.

Detective Hill says at first she denied it and then admitted she had done it out of anger.

"Even people you may be angry with they deserve privacy too. Luckily it didn't get any worse than photographs," he said.

This charge against Stubbs is a third degree felony. If convicted, she faces anywhere between 2 and 10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine. Her next court date is May 13.

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